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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a long day's night

Here I am at two a.m. writing. I just can't sleep, so I decided to blog. I worked too hard today. Have you done that? Your body is too tired to sleep. I don't understand why if you dig ferns, paint pictures, clean cupboards, and water your garden, why my body doesn't want to rest. Yes, today was productive. I moved from task to task like when I was in my thirties. I loved having energy and motivation today. It is strange why I think I have so many task to do. I am retired you know. My body and mind doesn't know that.

I am working for YOC on a mentoring program. I am trying to match mentors and mentorees this week. Tomorrow is my day of calls and connections. I hope I am awake to be successful.
I am tutoring foreign exchange students who need a little language boost. I am trying to write and get something published. In the midst of this work, I am having lots of company this weekend. The munchkins are coming as well as their mom and dad. Then, I have a dinner for my prayer group on Sunday after the kids leave. So, there are household chores like clean sheets, dusting , and cleaning that must be done. I suddenly decided I have to dig out all the ferns in my north side gardens because they look messy. I have new flowers to plant in there and summer is almost over. I have planted all summer. I got a late start and now it is an obsession with me. Plant, transplant, plant some more. I need garden therapy.

I love my life. I complain about always being busy. There is just not another way to live. I embrace the morning with my Lord Jesus. Then, I am off running. Apparently, today I overdid the running pace and now I must lay me down to sleep.

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