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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Happy Sunday

Today is Sunday. I love Sundays! I cherish prayer time and Matt Carder's teaching at church. He is a young man with so much wisdom. After church, we often drive to Fort Wayne to see the grand babies. Today, when we parked in front of their narrow street, we saw Ava riding her little bike. She was moving like the wind. She has learned to ride quickly and smiled from ear to ear when she saw us. She squeeled with delight at our presence. There is nothing like a child's smile and encompassing hug . I just feel loved from head to toe. Even little Ellie was smiling from her front porch seat. She seemed to recognize that Dza Dza and MiMi were family too. Den danced with Ava, and I rocked and sang to Ellis pausing to cover her chubby cheeks with kisses. We spent the afternoon playing with the girls.

Ava and I always play house. I have to be the little sister and she is mama. She uses such a soft and tender voice to tell me to pick up my clothes, make pink icing, and take a nap. I try to rebel a little but she patiently states, " Now, MiMi , I keep having these talks with you. When I ask you to take a nap, that's what you should do." Her eyes are intense and her words exact. I am amazed how much she has learned in three and a half years. Often Ava puts me in quiet time. She says I need to think about being a good girl. I announce, " I am a good girl." She responds, " You have been naughty, and it is time to think about how to be good."

I am amused because I have considered how I could be good all my life. Her daddy once told me, " A boy can only be good so long, Mommy. and then a little bad squeaks in." I knew there was wisdom and realism in that statement. The same applies today when I weaken and eat that frosted malt. Perhaps I just don't feel like putting the dishes away or making the bed. I just walk away hoping a magic fairy will appear and do all my chores. Then, in my quiet time, I think about how God forgives me for all sins, big and small. I consider how to live my life better and serve others in new ways. I consider my weaknesses and how when I operate in them, Christ stands strong and guides me through the unknown. I consider all the suffering in our world. It makes me heavy and I am sad. However, I know that I must go on today. I must deliver God's joy to others. I must reach out and make a difference to my neighbor, my friends, and my family. I know that I am very blessed ,and my heavenly Father understands that I can't be disciplined every hour every day.

Adam calls on Sundays from Seattle. He shares his week and weekend with his dad and me. He talks of his new love, Annie. and what great times they have had together. He tells us of his new challenges and what excitement he feels in reaching new goals in his EPA career. It is his chapter summary for the week. We listen to his problems and their resolves. I wish I could feel his hugs on Sunday, but I have learned to appreciate Sunday phone calls.

So, Sundays are a blessing from morn to evening. For this I am very grateful. I savor this day.

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  1. This is fantastic! You're a brillant writer, Sandi.