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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too many blessings?

Today as I gaze out my front room window, I admire my well planned garden. My planting, shoveling, watering,and fertilizing is worth each day's effort. As I view the creamy allysum edging the curves of the sidewalk like dainty lace, I know why I have chosen to plant them for over thirty years. Their sweet smell drifts throughout the walk welcoming my guest. They are my favorite annual.

As my eyes slowly search for new growth and blossoms, I see the pink begonias confluent with the tall deep blue annuals adjacent to the fountain. I painted the fountain terra cotta this summer to highlight its Aztec design. Just as I was admiring the new color, a bright red cardinal, flew under the fountain to wet his feathers. I laugh as he shakes off the water and preens his feathers. He needs a cool bath on this sweltering summer day.

Next, comes Mr. Hummer to gather the nectar from the peach salvia blossoms. He flits from stem to stem checking that he doesn't miss any of the sweet nourishment. He is amazingly small and so fast. No wonder so many neighbors put out red feeders in hopes of attracting hummingbirds. They delight the eye and entertain us all.

It is because of summer mornings like these, I toil and plant each year. God's blessings are abundant and bring me such joy. Even though I say each year that I am cutting back, I remember mornings like today and plant more fervently each year.

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