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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer flitting

Today I frolicked in the sunshine and kept focusing on things that flit . For example, a beautiful monarch butterfly fed from my purple flocks. It was a lovely sight indeed, but just then a bright red cardinal landed on my chimes. It was surreal because it appeared that he was a chime ringer early in the day. As I walked out to water my secret garden, a sweet little hummer buzzed by me. He actually lit on a red bud limb and watched the arc from the water hose. I slowly moved the sprinkling water near him , and he would hover over it. We played this game for about five minutes. It was a special nature treat. Hummingbirds are small in size but big in attitude .

Let me share a little story. When Denny and I were in Alaska, we went on a helicopter to see a glacier. When we landed, I marveled at the expanse of blue ice and snow everywhere. The snow covered land was barren, just white land for as far as I could see. I looked down in a ravine , and it was just more ice and more ice. The blue sky contrasted dramatically against the white snow. As I was walking around, I heard a familiar buzz. I thought I must be confused since I am accused of being in that state often. However, there by the helicopter wing were two tiny humming birds. We were miles and miles away from nothing and so were they. I heard a nudging from the Lord that morning. He said,"Never underestimate what I can do." Those little hummers gave me hope and faith that what seemed impossible to me could be so easily accomplished by the Creator. Each time I see a hummingbird, I remember that special miracle moment. Today was no different. My faith is resurrected each time I see one.

I was a bit like the butterflies, bees, and hummer today. I just flitted from one task to the next. I admired the beautiful August lilies, the ever blooming hydrangeas, the purple holly hocks, and smelled the sweet aroma of my lavender. Nothing is more pleasant than a morning garden walk.

I really wish I could fly like my little friends. But, I am content to appreciate the many wonders of nature and reflect on its beauty and meaning in my life. Ahhh, summer days are heart memories to be recalled on a cold, gray winter day.

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